• November 2020. Hot Pilgrims 1620 Calendar, my FIRST cartoon in the New Yorker.
    You can even buy MERCH! Thank you Emma Allen

  • October, 2020. This film came out of a wonderful studio visit with Tes Wei, Exhibitions Manager and Assistant Curator, The List Gallery, Swarthmore College.
    Thank you Andrea Packard and Tess Wei.

  • March 2020 Ring The Bells was written and drawn in the first week of the Covid Lockdown. It captures the intensity and fear of that unforgettable time.
    Published by Cleaver Magazine.

  • March 2019. A National Emergency is a look at the Mueller Report and the beginnings of the 2020 Presidential election.
    Published by Cleaver Magazine.

  • December 2018. Drawing A Blank, A Visual Response to Politics and other events.
    Published in Cleaver Magazine.

  • September 2018. Navigating The Art World, Warner Gallery,
    St. Andrew’s School, Middletown, DE. Thank you John McGiff

  • September 2018, No Collusion!, Direct quotes from the Tweeter in Chief.
    Read it all in Cleaver Magazine.

  • August 2018 Jewish Motherhood/UnMotherhood
    Sarah Lightman and Emily Steinberg
    Published by Studies in the Maternal, Cambridge, United Kingdom

    Jewish Motherhood/Unmotherhood is an autobiographical, ongoing, multi-media project by artists Sarah Lightman and Emily Steinberg. Jewish Motherhood/Unmotherhood includes paintings, drawings, animated films and comics, and explores the intense sociocultural pressures within the Jewish community surrounding motherhood. Motherhood is one of the central tenets of Jewish life for women. But what if your experience of being a mother is not meaningful or enjoyable? What if you can’t/won’t have children? A culture of expectation, shame and secrecy surround women on all sides of the Jewish motherhood/unmotherhood spectrum. This project explores Sarah’s experiences of having, and Emily’s experience of not having, children.

    Studies in the Maternal is an international, peer-reviewed, scholarly online journal. It aims to provide a forum for contemporary critical debates on the maternal understood as lived experience, social location, political and scientific practice, economic and ethical challenge, a theoretical question, and a structural dimension in human relations, politics and ethics.

  • July, 2018. Breastfeeding, IVF and The Holocaust
    Jewish Women in Comics Panel, Sarah Lightman and Emily Steinberg
    The European Association for Jewish Studies Conference
    Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland

  • June, 2018 Paused, a story about creaking into menopause
    Introduction by Susan Squire, PhD, Brill Professor Emerita of English and Women’s Studies, Penn State University, and Einstein Visiting Fellow at Freie Universität, Berlin

    …reading Emily Steinberg’s remarkable comic Paused, what grabs me is her remarkable recognition: her gripping ability to see the Dark Horse Menopause approaching (“unbidden and unwelcome”) amidst the dailyness of a young woman’s life, to envision Menopause announcing herself in her calamitous lability, her flow of symptoms (waking, drenched, freezing, stuck, and then raging heat surges/broiling/sweating), and finally her mythic multiplicity.

    Read it all in Cleaver Magazine.

  • December 2017 Berlin Story: Time, Memory, Place is a story about the Wannsee Villa which sits on the edge of the Great Lake Wannsee, less than an hour outside Berlin, and what happened there. Published by Cleaver Magazine. Introduction by Tahneer Oaksman, Associate Professor in the Department of Writing, Literature, and Language, with a joint appointment in the Department of Communication and Media Arts at Marymount Manhattan College, NYC